Sunday, May 31, 2009

MotherReader: The Fourth Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge

Two years ago I was reading an article about blogs written by Liz Burns in School Library Journal. I decided that I needed to explore the blogs she recommended and just happened to do it the weekend a reading challenge was taking place. It seemed as though every blog I was looking at was participating in this challenge, and I wanted to play too! There were two problems: I didn't have a blog, and the challenge had already started.

Last year I had too many conflicts. This year? Conflicts, but I'm going to work around them. My sweet wonderful husband has booked us a hotel room for two days where I can read and blog to my heart's content. I still have a few things I'll have to do, and I've never been one to go without sleep, but I'm going to see exactly how many books I can get read in a 48 hour period, and I cannot wait!

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Jen Robinson said...

Love the hotel room idea. I've thought about booking myself a reading weekend away sometime - you'll be an inspiration for me for the future. See you at the challenge!!