Monday, September 6, 2010

My Father's Son

My Father’s Son
Terri Fields

Kevin Windor is just a normal boy with divorced parents. He lives most of the times with his mom, but he goes over to his dad’s house on the weekends. He does well in school and has a crush on a girl in Spanish class. She seems to have feelings for him too – that is if the kiss they shared is any indication.

But then on one unforgettable day Kevin turns on the television to discover his father has been arrested as the notorious DB25 Monster, a man who has attacked at least 11 women, leaving most of them dead. Kevin is stunned. This is his daddy – a man who he had adored all of his life. How can he be a serial killer?

As time passes, the evidence against Kevin’s dad gets worse. Originally caught climbing out of the window of the eleventh victim, his father’s DNA has been found under the victim’s fingernails. Kevin has been so completely sure that his father is innocent but now he’s having some doubts. And things aren’t getting any easier for Kevin either He’s constantly getting strange looks at school, and most people won’t have anything to do with him. It’s like everyone thinks he is going to turn into a monster at any moment. How do you survive when your world falls apart and how do you prove your father is innocent when you’re not so sure yourself?

For the most part I thought this was really good. It was quite suspenseful, and I felt for Kevin. I think this will be a good book for my 8th graders.

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