Monday, May 21, 2012


Marie Lu

Day is a fugitive.  He steals, he rebels against the government, he does whatever it takes to survive and to keep his family alive.  They have managed to avoid the plagues that are constantly hitting his part of Los Angeles until now.  Until his little brother gets sick and only Day can get the medicine that might save him.
June is young, but even so she is ready to start serving the government.  When her brother is killed by Day, the only thing she can think about is getting revenge against the most wanted fugitive in the Republic.  But as she gets closer and closer to capturing day, she begins to realize that the situation isn’t black and white and that maybe she’s on the wrong side.
This is the best “Hunger Games like” book I have found.  In some ways I liked it better than The Hunger Games.  The only hesitancy I had with the book was June’s age – it is stated several times that she is a prodigy but I still think some of her actions were a bit mature for her age.
I cannot wait to recommend this book to some of my middle school students.  They are going to love it! 

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