Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi

Somehow I have been a librarian for a very long time and have never read this book. I had read the back of it and decided that I wouldn’t really like it. Boy, was I wrong!

Charlotte Doyle lives in 1832. She is due to travel home to Rhode Island from England where she has lived most of her life. Two other families are supposed to travel on the ship with her but at the last moment they cancel and Charlotte is left as the only female on board.

Immediately you realize that something is very wrong. This is not a happy crew. Charlotte is warned not to stay on board, but she feels as though she has little choice. Soon she meets the cook, Zachariah, who gives her a knife to protect herself. Charlotte at first sympathizes with Captain Jaggery, who she thinks is the only gentleman on board. She soon realizes that he is cruel, if not completely crazy, and a mutiny ensues. During the voyage Charlotte has to reach down to levels she never realized she had and give up her visions of what she, as a young lady, must act like. She is a character that you can sympathize with and her growth in the book is wonderful to read about.

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