Friday, June 5, 2009

48 hour Reading Challenge -- update #1

I've finished my first book. Here it is:

London Eye Mystery

Siobhan Dowd

Salim has disappeared in what seems to be an impossible manner. While his two cousins wait below, he has gone aboard the London Eye, been sealed in, and then not come out when the ride is over. Nobody can attest to his whereabouts, and his mother is, quite naturally, hysterical. The police are called in but they cannot figure out what’s happened either.

Enter Salim’s two cousins, Ted and Kat. They set out to find out what has happened to their cousin. Has he been kidnapped or has he run away? How did he manage to get off the London Eye without anyone else noticing?

This was an interesting mystery – I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5. It’s told from the viewpoint of Ted who quite obviously has Asperger’s Syndrome. He compares his mind to a computer’s and while he obviously struggles in many social arenas, he is the perfect person to figure out what has happened to his cousin.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting- I had the same thoughts as you regarding this book. I enjoyed it, but didn't love it.

I teach 6th grade and can not get a single kid to read this all the way through. A few have been interested because the London Eye sounded cool but they always get a few chapters in and abandon it.

Paige Y. said...

I'm not really sure how good a booktalk it will make. While I found the Ted's viewpoint interesting, I can see that my middle schoolers are going to find it difficult to relate to him.